We’d like to give a major thank you to our Presenting Angel Run Sponsor, the Springs Rescue Mission for giving us the hope and support we need to spread peace and healing to our Angel Families. We could not have done it with you.


Each year, approximately 1,500 domestic violence victims are murdered. These women, children, and babies become our Angels. Each year, BTS hosts an Angel Run to honor the memories of these precious lives and to create a legacy that will help save the lives of others.

Our Impact:

  • Bring a large and diverse audience of over 1,000 runners worldwide face-to-face with the harsh realities of domestic violence.
  • Allow us to equip each runner with Angel stories that can be shared with neighbors, co-workers, and social media followers to help as many people as possible to recognize the warning signs of a violent relationship.
  • Call attention to and eliminate the unfair judgment carried by family members of domestic violence murder victims.
  • Help family members break through their shame and share their stories, many for the first time.
  • Raise funds to support our Angel Scholarship Program and award over $10,000 in academic scholarships, provide a free Angel Families Retreat, and adopt all of 2017 Angel Babies for our Holidays of Hope Program.
  • Encourage runners and walkers to adopt a healthy lifestyle both mentally and physically by “going the distance” this summer.

Who: We invite all communities to sign up and participate in our Angel Run! This is a great way to get back into shape, raise awareness for an important cause, and to make a contribution to your community. You don’t have to be a trained runner or a professional fundraiser to make a difference, simply sign up and get started. The objective is to “Go the distance for domestic violence” while fundraising along the way. 

Where: Our unique Angel Run is unlike any race event you may have ever participated in. This “virtual” race can take place in any community around the world and your mileage is completely up to you! Tracking your miles isn’t necessary and exceeding the minimum one mile a day is not a problem, it’s actually encouraged.   You also have the benefit of choosing if you want to run by the lake, in the park, by the beach, in the neighborhood, on the treadmill or up a mountain. Just put your sneakers on and go!