My Story – Ava

It started when my mom left my father, I was 7 years old. She took me from our house to another man’s house, her boyfriend and eventually 2nd husband Wayne. Shortly after moving in, I discovered the obvious garbage bags full of porno magazines IN MY CLOSET! Eventually he brought me into the computer room to sit on his lap and watch “pretty girls” (porn) online. He would have me dress up in pretty dresses and makeup at 8yo and take photos of me but my mind went blank afterwards. Later on after falling asleep on our couch, I woke up to him “smelling” and touching my private parts by i unbuttoning and unzipping my shorts. I woke up in the middle of this and he pretended to be doing something else and I, in immense fear rolled over in an attempt to block his entrance. My mother later told me she knew about the porn in my closet, and more photos of me were taken. I then realized my trauma blocked out the rest of what happened after each of these events and between. My mother is just as guilty because she knew and we do not have a relationship. I’m now a happy and proud working mother and wife of 2 very protected children.

The photo i provided may be used as it is me. This is one of the photos taken by Wayne of me starting at 8 years old approx 6 months after moving in. This is me, innocent, in a world of abuse and not knowing what’s happening around me or to me yet. This is the last photo of my innocence.

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