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< Q Nathan Van der linden All Posts People Groups Photos Videc Lina Sandoval Apr 13, 2019 • © *****SHARE POST!!!***** This is Nathan Thomas Van Der Linden, he is from Cerritos Ca. I made the mistake of having dated him for a short time back in 2016. I broke up with him after he told me that he was apart of the Hells Angels. A month after having broken up with him, I started to get stalked and harassed by bikers. I told numerous friends who also witnessed the stalking and were subjected to it, such as Fabiola Garcia. He has continued to stalk, harass, intimidate and to use his gang affiliation resources to attempt to incriminate me. What I just went through, was a result from him and his gang after I stupidly made the mistake of saying "I was down for him" without really having known what that meant and the horrible stalking and legal reprocussions that this has brought me. I'm sick of him using his white privilege to get away with his constant harassment and stalking. As you can see, he has been arrested before for not only possession of drugs, but for stalking other women. Since local agencies are paid off by him and his gang, I've attempted to reach out to organizations such as victims of crime who suggested I reach out to the FBI who told me they could not do anything since I didn't have a license place number on hand during the 30 seconds they gave me to search for it. I'm sick of being victimized, controlled, stalked and harassed by this individual, his gang and the corrupt paid off cons that he has on his bav roll. I am asking 三 Home Friends Watch Marketplace Notifications Menu

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