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We are survivors for survivors.


You did it. You survived. You’re trying to get your life back on track, but you feel alone. You feel misunderstood. Your abuser’s voice echoes in your mind. Survivor sisters and brothers, you are not alone. Your BTSADV family is here for you every step of the way.



Survivor Sisters

We have numerous programs created for our Survivor Sisters. Connect with women around the world.

Survivor Brothers

We work to support our Survivor Brothers and are constantly growing our Brother network.


We support the unique challenges that our LGBTQ+ survivor community faces.

Need someone to talk to?

Our helpline is available to all survivors that would like to speak with a Survivor Sister or Survivor Brother. The BTSADV Helpline is available every day from 8 am to 5 pm PST at 1-800-787-3224. Our helpline IS NOT a crisis hotline. If it is an emergency, please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-787-3224 or call 9-1-1.



Rebuilding and Grateful But Still Afraid

She was fourteen and naive; fifteen and damaged; sixteen and broken. By seventeen, she’d lost her soul with nothing left to believe in. Having lost friendships, hopes, and respect, she blames herself. Deep down, there is nothing left – no voice; no will to live. Afraid that she’ll never be strong enough, she attempts to rebuild, but the wounds haven’t healed yet.

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abuse hides behind love

When Abuse Hides Behind Love

After 18 years in a controlling relationship, she realizes that her marriage is abusive and that she has lost herself. She still struggles to share her story– it doesn’t paint the typical picture of abuse. Her greatest wish is that the fight against domestic violence will be won so that our children will never have to go into battle.

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pastor's daughter

A Pastor’s Daughter: Road to Recovery & Forgiveness

As a pastor’s daughter, Barbara survives incestual abuse as well as sexual assault by a pastor. As she began to open up about her assault, she discovered that she was not the only victim. She was empowered to come forward with other survivors and confronted her abuser, and ultimately, chose to forgive. Barbara found her purpose in helping other survivors and now co-hosts a talk radio show on child abuse.

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you never deserve the abuse

You Never Deserve The Abuse

“You never deserve the abuse” is the message Andrea has for her Survivor Sisters after recounting her own abuse. As Andrea breaks her silence, she questions why she stayed and why those around her never spoke up about the abuse that they witnessed between her and her boyfriend. Thank you for your strength Andrea.

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