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Our culture is desperate for health and healing in our relationships. Unfortunately, most of us were not taught how to properly build and navigate them; thus we are lost on how to connect, communicate and resolve conflicts.

With a combined effort of over 40 years of service and thousands served, our speakers have had the honor and privilege of educating men and women about the dangers of abuse worldwide in every setting from military installations to college conferences, our talented team can truly meet your event goals. Our presentations can also be customized to your events needs. Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence gives you access to the industries best speakers.

Kristen Faith

Founder of Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence & Domestic Violence Expert

Award Winning Social Activist, Globally Recognized Speaker, Expert Advocate on Domestic Violence awareness and nonprofit leader, Kristen Faith is highly sought after.

Founder and CEO of one of social media’s most recognized domestic violence awareness brands, BTSADV, Kristen became one of the youngest advocates for high profile celebrity abuse cases.

She serves as one of the top experts with TIME, People Magazine, HuffPost, Glamour, New York Post, ESPN, and Sephora and has also been recognized by The American Red Cross, Glamour Magazine, and public officials across California, Texas, and Colorado.

After three national tours producing and showcasing her documentary, “The Return of Social Change”, the self-proclaimed “film maker” has redefined the way people see domestic violence. She has led thousands of survivors out of the darkness by creating a global platform to be heard and understood.

Thriving after an abusive relationship, she continues to spark national dialogue about abuse beyond the cyber walls of social media.
Kristen Faith is more than a survivor with a story. She survived to tell the world how to create solutions for better days.

Kristen Faith, member of Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence's Speaker's Bureau

TerryJosiah Sharpe

Army Veteran, Activist & Former Abuser

From Songwriter to Social Activist, TerryJosiah is one of the most sought after domestic violence educators in the country after breaking his silence about overcoming, as well as perpetuating abuse.

He uses past relationships and behaviors to educate on warning signs of abusive traits. His cutting edge message has inspired thousands of men to participate and engage in the cause.

A father, combat veteran, philanthropist, inventor, and musician, he is a true creative and believer in giving everyone a voice.  His work has been featured on NowThis, National Podcasts, HuffPost, Bustle, and many more. TerryJosiah is truly the future of social change.

Tara Woodlee

Family Grief Educator, Survivor of Domestic Violence, and President of the Board of Directors of BTSADV

In 2012 Tara Woodlee lost her 20-year-old daughter, Ashleigh Lindsey, and her unborn granddaughter Patience Lynn to a brutal act of domestic violence that made national news. Tara Woodlee shares the raw truth about domestic violence and gives audiences the opportunity to learn about the impact abuse has on families generationally. Tara, also a survivor, describes the journey from victim to survivor and then the impact her story made on her family finding out thru the death of her child of a 100 year old history of this cycle of abuse within her family. This knowledge led her to found an organization in her child and grandchild’s honor called the Ashleigh’s Patience Project.

Through the pain, Tara has fought courts and is working to raise awareness and change laws not just across the nation but worldwide. Currently she is the President of the Board of Directors for a National Domestic Violence Organization called Break The Silence. Tara told Ashleigh’s story on Investigation’s Discovery Channel (Your Worst Nightmare) and was featured in an article in Cosmopolitan Magazine called Stop Calling It Domestic Violence It’s Intimate Terrorism, in the US. The U.K. shared her tragic loss in magazines untitled Pick Me Up and Full House. Lastly Ashleigh’s story is used in the Moving Forward resource that is to help young women identify the signs of domestic violence in their current or future relationships in Queensland Australia. Tara travels the country as a national speaker and Tara’s role in activism has been recognized through the Awarding of the Presidents Award for volunteerism in 2018.

Tara says,

“I believe, a person is put into the world, soul into body, in order to accomplish a unique mission, a mission that only he or she can accomplish. Each of us gets a lifetime to accomplish our mission. The day of a person’s passing means that one special task here has been completed. That person’s specific job has been done. My mission is to survive and save as many as I can using our families story. The mission ends when I’m with Ashleigh again.”

Doris Black BTSADV Board Member

Doris Rivera-Black

Former Police Officer, Survivor of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence, Board Member of BTSADV

Doris Rivera-Black is an award winning activist and survivor of sexual assault and domestic violence who has chosen to take her tragic experience to help others. Doris has ten years of prior law enforcement experience from serving in a jail, patrol, parole and instructing at a law enforcement training academy.

After her experiences, she made it her personal mission to help educate the community on the issues of SA & DV, help advocate for victims and bring hope and healing to others. Her journey on speaking on these issues began when she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to share her story in 2007. Doris has since founded NEVER a Victim, a program where women are taught situational awareness, Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault awareness and avoidance paired with simple self-defense techniques and has co-founded All Hope Restored, a faith-based domestic violence support group. Doris is also a National Survivor Impact Consultant with the Dept. of Justice, Office for Victims of Crime.

Doris is an avid public speaker who, because her impactful story of being an overcomer, has been often sought out by numerous media outlets such as Focus on the Family Radio Broadcast, and several organizations to include non-profits, for-profits and faith-based communities. Doris is the author of, Clothed in Strength, where she shares her story of experiences and how she overcame.

Devine Natasha

Mother, Spoken Word Artist & Educator

Devine Natasha is a survivor of child hood trauma, narcissistic abuse, and interpersonal relationship violence. She is a light and a joy to those who are around her. After starting her healing journey in 2016, Devine broke her silence to the world and decided that this was going to be apart of her life purpose, to advocate and help individual’s alike.

Her story doesn’t end with her breaking her silence, learning the signs and getting away from the relationship, but with learning the need to grieve the relationship, not just for one but for two, forgiveness, self love, empowerment and faith.

She recognizes that the aftermath of trauma can be futile without allowing yourself the process of accepting where you truly are, who you are, how you feel and your journey. It isn’t always pretty and she openly brings a light to the many feelings, misconceptions, and incorrect stereotypes that people place on individuals who have been through trauma, especially mothers. She is currently using her degree and her direct knowledge around this topic, to connect women and mothers alike to accept their journey’s and progress forward.


R&B/Soul Recording Artist and Survivor

Her career began after finally deciding to walk away from her 6th and final girl group to focus on herself as a solo artist.  During this time, Rozen had also walked away from an abusive relationship.  After some soul searching, the young R&B singer realized her purpose was to heal through music not just for herself but for others.  Her journey as an anti-domestic violence advocate began upon the release of her two-part EP entitled “Pages”.  The title of this six-song EP was inspired by the journal entries from the pages of her journal in which she wrote in frequently during that hard time.  The soul songstress hopes to travel and continue spreading awareness through her music.

Nanette Chezum

Officer Involved Domestic Violence Educator, Activist, Thriving Survivor

In 2015, Nanette Chezum met a man and her life changed forever. A survivor of a verbally and psychologically abusive relationship with a law enforcement officer, Nanette’s passion is educating the public about domestic abuse via her personal story.

Nanette is an active public speaker educating about Officer Involved Domestic Violence, Domestic Violence 101, verbal and psychological abuse, and all types of abuse that fall under the umbrella of domestic abuse. Included in her work is educating about how abuse impacts communities and the early warning signals that manifest in a new relationship.

Additionally, she authors a Facebook community page, “The Courage Corner – Domestic Abuse Awareness”. She writes about tactics utilized by abusive personalities, self-care tips, unhealthy behavior, speaking up about domestic abuse and shaming and blaming tactics used by society and offenders.

Nanette is an active public speaker conducting conference workshops, round-table discussions and keynote addresses. She is a national resource about Officer Involved Domestic Violence. She volunteers with various domestic abuse organizations in the state of Colorado and on a national level.

Nanette Chezum, member of Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence's Speaker's Bureau
John-Michael, member of Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence's Speaker's Bureau

John-Michael Lander

Athlete and Author

John-Michael Lander is creating a voice. Through writing, speaking, and consulting, he helps individuals and organizations identify the signs of grooming, manipulating, and stigmatizing of sexual abuse and how auto help survivors (of any type of abuse) face the past and find their true self.

John-Michael battled with finding his true self and authentic voice. As an elite athlete, he endured sexual abuse from coaches, benefactors, and medical team which resulted in years of PTSD, depression, anxiety, and even suicide attempts.

Today, John-Michael is passionate about helping people face the past and find their true self; educate parents, guardians, coaches, teachers, and officials how to spot and recognize the signs of abuse. He has found this passion also as an Independent Consultant for Arbonne International, a health and wellness company.

John-Michael represented the USA in international Springboard and Platform diving competitions. His entertainment experiences include performing on television on General Hospital, All My Children, and national commercials; the lead in the independent films All the Rage and Pilgrim; and originating many roles on New York stages.  He taught high school English for seven years at the nationally recognized Stivers High School of the Arts in Dayton, Ohio.  

John-Michael has authored three books and in under contract for one more. He publishing portfolio includes the following books: Surface Tension (2017), Spandau Ballet (2018), and Life’s a Beach (2018) all under Page Publishing.

John-Michael presented the speech “An Athlete’s Silence” at the TEDxDayton 2018 Convention. He has recorded several TV and radio interviews about abuse, spiritual journey, and finding his true self.

Ashley Cornelius

Poet and Activist

Ashley Cornelius is a performance poet in Colorado. She graduated with a master’s in International Disaster Psychology from DU. She focuses on providing creative therapy for adolescents through poetry therapy and is currently working as a therapist in Denver and lives in Colorado Springs. She has a background in poetry education and provides multiple workshops throughout Colorado Springs.

Her poems reflect her personal struggles and journey as a young black woman navigating the changing world. She aims to inspire, empower, and tell a story of truth and depth. She has won four Hear Here Poetry Slams in Colorado Springs. She was the Women of the World Poetry Slam Colorado Springs Representative and competed in Dallas at Nationals in March 2018. She has been featured at Keep Colorado Springs Queer open mic, the Black Voices Matter Open Mic, the Colorado Springs Women’s March and events in Denver and Colorado Springs.

Ashley is an organizer with Poetry 719 and has planned multiple community events in Colorado Springs included the Poetry 719 festival. Ashley was nominated for two 2018 Pikes Peak Art Council (PPAC) awards and won best recurring poetry event. She recently performed at the Women of Influence Award, the COS Womxn’s March, the MLK All People’s breakfast and march, as well as the Fannie Mae Legacy event. She has also been featured at Pikes Peak Community College.

Ashley is committed to using poetry as a platform to speak up and out for marginalized groups and be a voice for those who have been silenced.

Ashely Cornelius, member of Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence's Speaker's Bureau
Jennifer Gardiner - Journalist & Survivor

Jennifer Gardiner

Journalist & Survivor

“He shattered every bone in my face and now I have metal plates in my face.”

Fueling her desire to educate others, Jennifer Gardiner decided to go public with her story in 2013. Jenn’s determination stemmed from two abusive marriages, one that ended after a brutal assault by her ex-husband left her with a shattered nose, multiple broken bones in her face and permanent strangulation nerve damage in her neck.

Jenn’s message continues to inspire thousands of victims and survivors worldwide to find the courage to speak out and understand they are not alone. She educates audiences about the devastating and deadly effects of strangulation. Her strength has been recognized nationally on Huffington Post and locally on ABC4, FOX13, KSL5 and Deseret News.

After speaking at the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition’s 2015 annual conference, Jenn turned her concentration on public speaking in an effort to educate others on intimate partner abuse, the effects domestic violence has on children and how to survive after leaving abuse. Jenn obtained her degree in criminal justice in 2017 and now works for the ABC television news station in Salt Lake City and as a journalist she hopes to continue to help change the way domestic violence stories are presented to the public by the media.

Gwendolen Dernbach

Veteran and Author

Gwendolen is a Certified Business Strategist, Consultant, honorably Retired United States Air Force (USAF) Veteran (21 Yrs) and the Published Author of,“It’s OK to Tell My Story, Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence” which discusses the relationship between childhood abandonment, domestic violence, sexual assault and workplace violence. The book offers definitions, actions plans, checklists and a wealth of valuable resources.

Gwendolen is also the Co-Author with the National Workplace Bullying Coalition on the book,“Stand Up, Speak Out Against Workplace Bullying, Your Guide to Survival and Victory Through 23 Real Life Testimonies.”That book includes true stories about extraordinary experiences with workplace bullying and how bullying targets navigated through it and ultimately overcame it. The books goal is to help other bullying targets discover tools and principles they can use in their own life.

Gwendolen bridges the gap between abuse and business by providing signature coaching in abuse, self awareness and entrepreneurship.

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