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Break the Silence against Domestic Violence was founded upon this very thing! The Founder and Managing Advocate Director Kristen Paruginog no longer wanted to suffer in silence so she found the strength and courage to Break Her Silence with the intention of encouraging others to break theirs as well. There are so many people who are still suffering in silence and we are here to say you don’t have to be silent anymore. You will find strength in sharing your story!

If you could share advice with victims or other survivors, what would you say?

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Share Your Angel's Story

Losing someone you love is difficult and when you add violence to the loss it makes it even more so. Break the Silence against Domestic Violence honors our angels by shining a light on their memory and their story. It is our honor to memorialize our angels because they are a big part in why we are driven to create the largest impact possible. It is our angels who also remind us to break our silence because we are survivors. We speak for them and we want to hear your angels story.

If you could share a story with victims or survivors, what would you say?

Write for Us!

Our Survivor Spot Blog was created with survivors in mind. Our team of talented bloggers create weekly articles for our readers to become more educated and more aware of issues surrounding relationships and abuse. We volunteer our time and efforts in hopes we could inspire and encourage readers to Break the Silence against Domestic Violence. By submitting a blog to BTSADV, you have the power to impact millions worldwide. On average, our blogs reach 500,000 – 1.2 million readers a week.

If you could share a story with victims or survivors, what would you say?