Songs for Survivors

By Jenn Rockefeller

There are a vast amount of avenues that domestic violence survivors can take to not just begin their healing journey, but also continue down that healing path with a clear focused mind and a strong heart. One of those avenues is listening to music.

What makes music so powerful? What is it about music that moves us? Musicians have found a way to bring such life into their lyrics. These lyrics can touch us deeply. When lyrics, melody, and harmony are all brought together, it can create a sense of peace and calm within us, or give us a sense of empowerment and boost our confidence. That is what music can do for domestic violence survivors– empower them by lifting them up in strength, hope, and courage.

How does music help?

Certain songs can help (and have helped) survivors in their healing journey. Certain melodies or lyrics can evoke powerful emotions that can fill a survivor with strength. This strength can carry survivors and help them face the different facets of healing. Listening to music can soothe an anxious mind or it can empower a weary soul. It can reaffirm our strength. It can promise us a brighter future.

Music can trigger a deep and profound change in survivors. What other art form can touch us so deeply? What other art form can reach our innermost self and lift us up out of the depths of our despair?  Music brings us together and can allow us to form tighter bonds with each other than we do with other friends. In short, certain songs can give survivors an instant feeling of familiarity and friendship that can last a lifetime.


Below is a playlist of the songs that have empowered and strengthened survivors in their healing journey. Take a listen and let these songs lift you up!

The power of music

The power of music is a universal one. Through music (whether it’s with lyrics or an instrumental tune), we can somehow muster the courage to face whatever it is that needs facing. We become emotionally strong. We carry on. We move forward. And while we move forward, music is there to give us that moral support.

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