Survivor Joins BTS Family as Board Treasurer

By Rebecca Lynn

So far, this year has brought many positive changes to BTS, including the grand opening in February, fresh new ideas to raise domestic violence awareness, and new faces, ready to help change the way the world views domestic violence.

BTS’s newest board member and treasurer of the board is Jillian Likness. Jillian met BTS founder Kristen Paruginog two years ago through a mutual friend and they made an instant connection.  It was during this time that Kristen was aspiring to relocate the organization to Colorado Springs, Colorado and Jillian quickly became involved with BTS. When asked why she chose to join the BTS family, she replied ” Kristen was probably the biggest reason for joining. Her vision, courage, and heart inspire me every day.”

Like so many others at BTS, she is hoping that the organization can help both men and women and that her unique story will help change the lives of others.

Jillian possesses a variety of impressive qualities, knowledge, and life experiences that considerably supports BTS missions and goals. She has worked in communications for seven to eight years, in addition to prior board service. She is excited to help Kristen and Social Media Director Brian Nguyen expand and enhance the BTS communications and marketing plans. Jillian has an MBA in marketing and business, in addition to her bachelor’s degree in communications and psychology.  As if that is not amazing enough, Jillian is also working on her double master’s in criminal justice and public affairs. She is hopeful that she will be able to use her new knowledge to contribute to the success of the BTS organization.

When asked what Jillian wanted to change most about how society views domestic violence, she said,  “I would change the stigma. People can’t always see the scars and the mental, spiritual and emotional trauma we have to overcome. If you have not been in our shoes, you can’t possibly label our trauma or journey. We are not victims–we are survivors and thrivers, and I want that “damaged” label to change for all of us.”

Welcome to the BTS family, Jillian! We are excited to have you on board.

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