Survivor Story: My Abuse Left Me with Physical and Emotional Scars

Written by: BTSADV Survivor

My story has its roots within the story of a man who was abused as a child. The man who abused my puppy and me was abused by his stepfather. I had to sit him down to convince him that my puppy was innocent, no matter the infraction he felt was made upon him. He stopped hitting my dog because I threatened to leave him.

Things were okay, but the emotional abuse persisted. I was treated like someone who insulted him by being in his presence. It went from him beating down my door to punching holes in my wall and threatening to kill himself. He was attached in an unhealthy way.

The situation escalated quickly from a person with relational and emotional issues to a person who was physically harming me. He hit me countless times. He hit me with objects from the wall in my legs, and I still have scars from this. I also have a scar on top of my eyebrow that was left after he punched me so hard it broke my skin. Often his hits were unexpected. I still suffer today from being hit by him on the head many times.

He had threatened to jump out of my moving car while I was driving 65 mph on a highway. I left the relationship with the self-esteem of someone who was nonexistent on this Earth, and he made me felt that I deserved it.

A serious warning for anyone that suffers from emotional abuse or witnesses their partner be physically abusive to other people or animals: you are not the exception. A person that abuses is ill-minded, and you cannot expect a different outcome, no matter how much you trust or love your partner. Therapy was the only way out of the dark hole that this person put me in.


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