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That Innocent Love…

As kids, we all have had aspirations of amassing an animal of our own to take care of or just to feel something different to love us back in a different way.
Because it’s just something about “that innocent love”.

Most importantly being that young you were oblivious to the possibility of ever experiencing abuse of any aspect from the substantial person in your life or that animal abuse was real as well.
But it was always something pondering in you about “that innocent love”.

But now that we have survived, we now know that acrimonious behavior at home influences one’s thinking psychologically, sentiments, and ways of behaving that can also essentially affect one’s security. Expanded tension, PTSD, and wretchedness side effects are usually seen among survivors that suffered abusive behavior at home. They are also noticed in the animals that were in the home witnessing the abuse of their owner or even suffered secondhand abuse from their previous owners before being retrieved by a loving family through a support agency.
So what it is about “that innocent love”?

It’s the security we feel when holding them. It’s the reassurance we get knowing we are not alone. It is verified that most women who have encountered some type of abusive behavior at home found comfort in caring for their pets as a coping mechanism to get through their painful reality. They found the strength to stand against that same abusive behavior while also defending their loving animals from the mistreatment of that aggressive significant other as well.
That innocent love is a different kind of love!

With almost 70% of US families possessing somewhere around one pet, a large number of victims have “that innocent love” in the home instead of untrustworthy relatives or friends. They have grown to know and love them as small companions that bring them harmony, solace, and love – even in the most problematic times of their life.
It’s just something about that innocent love.

Analysis shows that cruelness toward pets can furthermore relate to maltreatment toward people and is additionally an instrument of aggressive behavior at home victimizers will take steps to hurt or hurt an animal as a type of force and control over the victim.
It’s something about the connection link between domestic violence abuse to animal abuse when they are combined in the same home that makes “that innocent love” worth saving and treasuring!

A study has shown an unmistakable connection between domestic violence abuse, child abuse, and animal abuse. These cases have exhibited that the people who have abused their now survivors, used animals to control their victims out of anger at their frantic behavior moments.
So when you have these innocent companions it brings about “breaking the silence against domestic violence” worth it to speak up and protect “THAT INNOCENT LOVE”!

RESOURCE: *** From the heart of a survivor, that as a young soldier that wished she had an “innocent love” for her and her 3month old. ***

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