Volunteer of the Year: BTSADV Super Woman

By Jamey Sheesley

KayLa Allen, director of operations, is a true superwoman. She joined Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence (BTSADV) in August 2018 and has made a huge difference to the organization. She is a multi-tasking queen. She is always available to help other volunteers with their volunteer needs and their personal needs, which makes her a superwoman. There is not one thing she cannot do. If she has a mission in her heart, she will follow it with passion and dedication until the task or mission is completed. She is always there to support those around her and will drop everything to help them, even if she is busy with her schoolwork. 

“KayLa is amazing, not only does she juggle everything to do with BTSADV, she is the go-to person. She listens to everyone who has something happening in their life. Very rarely do you meet people like KayLa, who is completely selfless,” according to Heidi, volunteer outreach coordinator. 

Like most people, KayLa found BTSADV on Volunteer Match because she was looking more for a position where she could get management experience. She felt like there was something missing in her life. She applied for a managing director position with BTSADV and told herself repeatedly that she would get the position and she did. Once she joined the group, KayLa hit the ground running and she had not stopped. 

“KayLa is a great support system, she is always there to listen, provide support in whatever way she can,” says Meghan Mausteller, BTSADV editor-in-chief. 

KayLa receiving Volunteer of the Year is a huge deal to the rest of the volunteers, including myself. She has poured her heart and soul into this group. She eats and breathes BTSADV. I know I have really enjoyed getting to know KayLa. She is full of wisdom and has advice for most situations in life. I remember one time when I was sick she had the perfect recipe for me to heal a head cold. I am so thankful for KayLa, she has changed the group for the better, and I hope she is around for a very long time. I feel honored to meet and work with KayLa. There are not enough positive words to describe KayLa and her passion to help others. 

According to KayLa, “The most important thing is seeing my own evolution. Over a year ago, I was very new to BTSADV, trying to get to know everybody and still trying to be myself. Receiving the Volunteer of the Year award is a big deal it is valuable and I am very happy that people appreciate me.” 

In her short time with BTSADV, she has transformed the culture of the organization. She has been instrumental in assisting the new direction of our organization,” said Brian Nguyen, director of communications. 

One thing KayLa does to get to know people is she messages all new volunteers soon after they start in order to see what they are all about, like finding out their hobbies or what they enjoy in life. 

“Since KayLa joined our team, she has given us the opportunity to grow as well as to enhance our internal structure. What I love about her contribution to our organization is she uses her educational background and her kind heart to help us improve the internal workings of BTSADV,” said founder and CEO Kristen Faith. 

Her leadership speaks volumes for who she is as an individual and BTSADV is proud of the work KayLa has done since she has joined our team. KayLa has made this her own journey and has spread her wings. 

Congratulations, KayLa, on being named 2019 Volunteer of the Year. 

If you’re interested in volunteering with Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence, visit: https://breakthesilencedv.org/volunteer/.

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