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Thank you for expressing interest in volunteering with us. We are super excited for you to get involved with one of the best nonprofits in the country. Our team raves about their experience with us and highly encourages others to get active too.

When you volunteer with us you receive exclusive benefits like:

  • monthly giveaways,
  • volunteer recognitions,
  • random surprise lunches at work,
  • or our personal favorite: exclusive access to our volunteer appreciation retreat.

We LOVE our volunteers – because they make healing possible.

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Support Survivors:

Helpline Assistant: This Volunteer will serve under the leadership of our Helpline Coordinator. The person will be trained on how to use our Helpline system, how to track and log calls, serve as a point of contact for the team of Helpline advocates, recruit and build a volunteer base to ensure we are always fully equipped with a complete team. In the event it is needed, the Helpline Assistant May also fill in as a Helpline Advocate. Helpline Assistant May also serve as a trainer to continue empowering and educating our Helpline Advocates.

Holidays of Hope CoordinatorThe Holidays of Hope Coordinator will oversee the entire roll out of this program. They are responsible for tracking all events that will be hosted in conjunction with our HOH program. The Coordinator will keep a running file of all events and ensure HOH hosts are following our event guidelines. Coordinator will also work with Hosts on the disbursement side to ensure gifts are delivered to local families in a timely fashion following the toy drives.

Holidays of Hope Assistant: The Holidays of Hope Assistant works closely with the HOH Coordinator to ensure the roll out of this two part program runs smoothly and efficiently. This role will consist of several administrative tasks to support the role of our Coordinator. You two will be working in a close partnership.

Holidays of Hope Toy Drive Host: Holidays of Hope is a national effort to bring cheer to children impacted by domestic violence. This year, we are taking our program on the road by hosting pop up toy drives across the country. A host would be responsible for picking a date, location, and marketing the event in their local community. The host would work with our creative team to develop branded collateral before hosting the event. The host is also encouraged to build a team of volunteers to help assist with this community effort. Toys and gifts will be distributed to local families. Hosts are also encouraged to host a toy wrapping and disbursement event before delivering gifts.

Survivor Helpline Advocate:
Description of Duties:

  • Answer phone calls and be on-call one day a week.
  • Must log in all calls on your scheduled day.
  • Must be logged in our phone system during the whole shift unless otherwise discussed.


  • Knowledge of BTS and our programs.
  • Willingness to Learn
  • Regular communication on Slack often.
  • Be a Survivor.
  • Be a team player.
  • Attend monthly team meetings on Zoom.
  • Extremely reliable individual.
  • Be in a healthy relationship and not fresh out of an abusive relationship.
  • Need to know and/or navigate internet for resources.

Holidays of Hope Volunteer: The HOH Volunteer will work with Angel Families to collect wish lists for the children (under 18), pair a Holiday Helper with the family, ensure the helper sends gifts to our BTSADV office by the deadline and coordinate the shipping of the wrapped gifts by our disbursement deadline. This volunteer will be working on a team alongside other Holidays of Hope Volunteers.

Embrace Your Passion:

Regional Social Media Champion: Are you a fan of BTSADV but are unable to attend our events in-person? We have an amazing opportunity for you to help us engage your state in advocacy, awareness, and camaraderie – the BTSADV way. We have developed a series of private Facebook pages that are designed to engage survivors in conversation and fellowship with local survivors in their area. Our pages are setup to connect survivors and build meaningful relationships among members. The Regional Facebook Admin would be responsible for maintaining one local page based on his/her geographical location. This page should follow our Facebook guidelines and should also revolve around the culture of BTSADV. The Ambassador would be required to vet each potential member, post daily, engage with all members, and promote BTSADV events and programs as they roll out nationally. This volunteer would report directly to our Regional Facebook Coordinator and would be required to stay in constant communication with our team upon onboarding.

Social Media Admin (Twitter): We are seeking social media admins to manage our Twitter page to share content related to domestic violence, grow our followings, and continue to impact and inspire others. Duties include posting original BTSADV content on a daily and/or weekly basis on at least one of our social media platforms. Respond, share, and interact with followers and related content. Provide updates to the Social Media Director on their tasks.

Social Media Admin (Facebook): We are seeking 1 Facebook admin to manage our Facebook page and to manage our content related to domestic violence, foster growth on our platform, and continue to impact and inspire others. Duties include posting relevant and original BTSADV content on scheduled posting days. Respond, share, and interact with followers and related content. Provide updates to the Facebook Coordinator on their tasks.

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Share Your Talents:

Special Events Volunteer: Local Colorado Springs area only – We believe love and kindness is the best ingredient to ensuring our community is happy and healthy. Our Events committee engages local survivors in events, participates in recruiting gift bags for retreats, and inspires donors to contribute to programming throughout the year. What we love most about this committee is the opportunity to interact with survivors, donors, and volunteers to maintain healthy relationships for all. This committee is also comprised of our go-to local Colorado Springs volunteers.

College Recruitment Volunteer: This position recruits college students to join our volunteer team by posting on College/University websites under the appropriate channels. After training, this volunteer may be able to table at campus events to promote BTSADV. The CRV may also build connections with national sororities, fraternities, and organizations to build a stronger volunteer network.

Transcribing Volunteer: This fun role gets to be a part of the action behind the scenes. We are committed to giving our deaf and hard of hearing community access to our video content. This volunteer will have the opportunity to watch our collection of videos and transcribe them with subtitles. We have hundreds of videos that are waiting for you!

Creative Committee: Are you a creative? Are you bursting at the seams with creative ideas that you would like to see implemented at BTSADV. Our Creative Committee is comprised of volunteers who actively create graphics, infographics, and design work for all of our social media campaigns, outreach efforts, and internal branding purposes. Must be able to prioritize projects and must be open to creative direction by our Creative Coordinator.

Graphic Designer: The graphic designer will lead the creation of designs for Break the Silence Against Domestic Violence and will create visual concepts to inspire, inform, and connect individuals with BTSADV.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Will design flyers and invitations for events, promotions, and awareness of BTSADV.
  • Will design Facebook banners and Twitter cover photos.
  • Develop graphics for BTSADV through illustrations.
  • Employ color, type, illustration, photography, animation, and various print and layout techniques when designing project.
  • Use computer software to create electronic versions of designs.
  • Maintain archive of images, photos, or previous work products.
  • Create designs, concepts, and sample layouts based on knowledge of layout principles and aesthetic design concepts.

Preferred Skills:

  • The ability and familiarity with editing graphics and photoshop.
  • Understanding of various programs such as Canva, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Suite, and GSuite.
  • The ability to create images that identify a product or convey a message
  • Exceptional creativity and innovation
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills

Every Bit Counts:

Onboarding Assistant: Upon the selection of volunteers, BTSADV has a set practice of onboarding volunteers to ensure their transition onto our team is smooth and efficient. The Onboarding Assistant will ensure the new volunteer signs all necessary paperwork and is introduced onto our team communication platform.

Volunteer at our Office: Spend the day with us at our office to greet and welcome new clients to our organization. We have office hours in Colorado Springs M-F located at Mt. Carmel Veteran’s Service Center. Responsibilities include: Supporting administrative tasks, Greeting clients, responding to messages and requests from clients on social media, tracking new client intake, promoting programs to clients and interested community members, and tabling in the community at local fairs and events. Volunteer will also find local events for BTSADV to participate in and support.

Volunteer Outreach Assistant (Assistant to Volunteer Outreach Coordinator): This Volunteer position works directly under our Volunteer Outreach Coordinator. The role is this volunteer is to serve as a support person and to ensure all needs are met during the Volunteer Outreach process. Responsibilities include: Posting new positions on volunteer recruitment websites such as VolunteerMatch, or similar sites, serves as a liaison between Directors/Coordinators and the Outreach Coordinator. This position also updates necessary spreadsheets to keep our files up to date upon onboarding new members.

Kohl’s Liaisons: Coordinates monthly projects with Kohl’s Stores. Educate employees, create different types of projects (warrior doll projects, Survivor bags, cards, share your heart), and also network with employees.

Grassroots Volunteer: tabling at national conferences/events with branded BTSADV materials and encourage local survivors to share their stories, recruit 1 million people to sign our Pledge (starting October 1st) at events, street corners, schools, anywhere. More info to come on the pledge.


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