BTSADV works with companies and organizations around the world to be the voice of domestic violence. A partnership is created a number of ways, from employee giving and matching programs to gifts in kind and much more.

BTSADV’s value of community provides the basis for a range of partnership opportunities. Being survivors for survivors, we have shown that healing from domestic violence can be a realistic goal when you have a community that understands the journey of a survivor.

Want to be a leading organization in our community? Partner with us.

Community Memberships

colorado springs chamber & edc

As a member of the Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC, we’re advocates for our community and quality of life. The Colorado Springs Chamber & EDC provides us with connections, tools, education, and events.

Creative Collaboration Partnerships

the domestic violence discussion

In 2021, BTSADV formed a creative collaboration partnership with Ariel, the host of The DV Discussion. This podcast is a discussion about domestic violence, from the perspective of a survivor. These are the things she wished she had known, and the discussions she wished someone had with her.