I was a scared teenager

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he shot up my house and held a gun to my head and told me he was going to kill me

it all started when i was a freshman in high school, i had to do drivers ed a week before school started and that’s where i met him instantly we connected he was so sweet and so nice, when we would be leaving drivers ed he would wait outside with me until my mom got there to get me, then one day he asked me for my snapchat and i gave it to him, that was the worst mistake of my life.

we started texting and talking all the time when school started he would walk me to my classes and just treated me amazing, one sigh i wish i would’ve realized sooner is he was love bombing me 2 weeks into knowing him but i would just tell my friends “that’s good he cares about me”. everything was good until he saw me talking to one of my guy friends in the hallway he didn’t talk to me rest of that day and ignored me, it upset me that night at 11 he texted me wanting to know who he was and everything about him i thought things it get better after that but no they got worse.

i thought i was inlove with him a month into dating, because he love bombed me that hard and just said and did all the right things to make me fall for him. then one day it just stopped it started by him not letting me talk to my guy friends at school anymore if i saw them i had to ignore them, he would tell me what i could and couldn’t wear, told me who i could and couldn’t hang out with, had to tell him when i was leaving my house, made me call him when i would talk to my parents so he could listen to our conversation and so much more. my friends started questioning my behavior because i was always down and never talked anymore the only person i would talk to is my boyfriend.

as time went on more people started to notice my family, my friends, hell people i didn’t even know we’re messaging me asking if i was ok. i always told me yes because i didn’t want them to worry about me, me knowing that if i didn’t get help i was going to be stuck in this i was to scared to say something because my bf would always get mad when i did he started off by just yelling at me and we would scream in each others face until we couldn’t breath, then he would throw stuff at me, he would take my phone and threaten to smash it. then one night came and i made him mad because i didn’t want to have sex and he held me down and forced himself on me. the abuse just got worse from there i would have bruises all over my body that makeup couldn’t cover, i would have to always wear hoodies and sweat pants, i was scared i didn’t know what to do.

when i finally knew i needed to leave or he was going to kill me was when he shot up my house and held a gun to my head and told me he was going to kill me, after he left i decided i needed to leave, i told my family everything he did to me and they helped me leave. i ended up getting and restraining order on him for my safety cause he would always text me on different numbers saying he was going to kill me and my family and burn down my house with me in it. teen moms if you are reading this please check up on your daughters that are in relationships abuse can be right there and you not even notice it, keep in mind abusive comes in many ways then just one. if your struggling with this kind of situation you need to leave yes it will be hard but your safety is more important then anything.

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